The Handler

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The Handler Cover Image
ISBN: 9780593441633
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Published: Berkley - May 31st, 2022

This was a solid, utterly enjoyable thriller -- there's no doubt about who's going to win in the end, because genre conventions, but that doesn't make it any less of a page-turner!


The Secrets We Share

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The Secrets We Share: A Gripping Novel of Suspense Cover Image
ISBN: 9781496735416
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Published: Kensington - March 29th, 2022

Two sisters -- a cop and an influencer -- dig through the secrets of their childhood as they start to wonder if the wrong person was accused of their father's murder. And then they start to wonder if they can trust anyone, including each other.


To Break a Covenant

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To Break a Covenant Cover Image
ISBN: 9781645672067
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Published: Page Street Kids - September 21st, 2021

Fans of Plain Bad Heroines and Wilder Girls will love this book. Moon Basin is the type of haunted town that draws in Ghost Hunters from all over the country, and one summer four friends realize the chilling truth of what it means that no one ever leaves. This book is the type of bone-chilling you won’t be able to look away from.


Never Saw Me Coming

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Never Saw Me Coming Cover Image
ISBN: 9780778311553
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Published: Park Row - September 7th, 2021

This book is like an ever-lasting gobstopper: a constant sugar high that you won't be able to quit (and it may knock your teeth out). Thriller season starts NOW and Chloe is destined to be your new favorite antihero. Another great entry for Caleb's Dark Academia Book Club.  


White Ivy

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White Ivy: A Novel Cover Image
It's Complicated--Contact Us for More Information
ISBN: 9781982100599
Published: Simon & Schuster - November 3rd, 2020

This is a well written psychological thriller that takes us through Ivy's--a Chinese-American woman--slow descent into madness after years of trying to mold herself to fit into what she believes to be The American Dream. This book subtly discusses the struggles and limitations Asian-Americans often face in this country, as well as socio-economic divides within Chinese culture itself. In light of recent events, this book may bring some more understanding to those anti-AAPI racism.


Echo Wife

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The Echo Wife Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250174666
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Published: Tor Books - February 16th, 2021

Every single word of this is like a scalpel wielded by an expert surgeon. It would take an entire book length of words to describe how it made me feel, so why not just read the book instead? (Or the audiobook, which is read MASTERFULLY by the amazing Xe Sands.) CW: child and spousal abuse


Black Chalk

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Black Chalk Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250075550
Availability: Available at Wholesaler
Published: Picador - August 4th, 2015


The dreadful game of Yates' Black Chalk is fairly straightforward - a series of escalating dares with escalating consequences - but the narrative is not. Constantly flitting between past and present, this story kept me perpetually off balance, and I couldn't put it down. I dare you not to get caught up in this twisting tale.



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