Damon Dominique, You Are a Global Citizen

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Porter Square Books: Boston Edition is thrilled to welcome globe-trotting sensation Damon Dominique for his debut book You Are A Global Citizen: A Guided Journal For The Culturally Curious! This event will take place on Thursday, January 26 at 7pm at Porter Square Books: Boston Edition (50 Liberty Dr. Boston, MA 02210)

Tickets are $14.99 and include one copy of You Are A Global Citizen

Who are you? Why are you, you? What kind of person do you want to be?

You Are A Global Citizen challenges us to take a deeper look at our role as global citizens, from the armchair traveller to the frequent flyer and everyone in between, providing a springboard for us to understand the world and other cultures by first understanding ourselves.

This uniquely accessible guided journal ignites your inner curiosity and encourages self-discovery through thought-provoking questions about the cultures you have experienced—including your own—all while helping you become a more inquisitive, aware, observant, and engaged world citizen.

Whether you've never left home, are studying at university, looking to live and move abroad, or simply eager to explore your own identity within a global society, You Are A Global Citizen will help you understand how the outside world impacts what's going on inside your mind, and vice versa.

In three sections covering your origins, your internal environment and your external environment, with space for reflection at the beginning and end, Damon Dominique, pioneer of the modern day social media travel scene and star of countless popular YouTube travel vlogs and documentaries, shares his insights and stories from a decade of globetrotting, guiding you through questions such as, 'Would you be happy if you knew you had to live in your hometown for the rest of your life?', 'What culture or country do you remember romanticizing about as a kid?', and 'How do you feel about a global language?', with the ultimate goal of encouraging you to consider the fundamental questions about who you are, what culture is and what it means to live in a global society, beyond the borders of our minds and countries.


About the Author

Damon Dominique was born to be a nomad—after all, it's Damon spelled backwards.
Best known for his eccentric, whimsical travel videos and rebellious, philosophical nature, Damon has documented his comedic adventures fluently in 5+ languages, in 50+ countries, and in 500+ travel videos, establishing himself amongst the social media generation as the international and multilingual voice in travel.
The nomad has been featured by Mashable, The Washington Post, and Forbes Top Travel Influencers for his travel adventures and business ventures alike: producing his own travel show pilot "Around The World in 80 Dates", creating his own foreign language courses "The French I Wish I Had Learned in French Class", and most recently, launching his debut travel and culture workbook, You Are a Global Citizen.
Despite making his living online, he spends much of his time on airplane mode, whether or not he is on an airplane.
Although we can be sure he is.

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Thursday, January 26, 2023 - 7:00pm

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Porter Square Books: Boston Edition
50 Liberty Dr.
Boston, MA 02210

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