Erik Fogg & Nathaniel Greene, Wedged

For over a decade the pundits of America have decried the dysfunction of American politics, and politicians have promised that, if elected, they'll bring about the change we need. We've grown rightly cynical to such promises, and we watch, seemingly helpless, as the state of politics in the US spirals further into partisan gridlock and mutual antipathy.

A wedge has been driven into American politics by powerful political, social, and economic incentives that are very difficult to overcome.  The middle ground has fallen out of the political process, leaving power in the hands of hard-line partisans that frame the national agenda and direct our political energy towards emotionally satisfying--but politically unproductive--tribal warfare.

In Wedged, authors Erik Fogg and Nathaniel Greene take readers through a compelling, thorough, and accessible explanation of how Americans--from voters to politicians to media--participate in the process that is tearing the nation apart. Readers will understand the history and process behind growing partisan gridlock, and explore the wedge issues used to hijack us into being tools for the political machine.

Americans can right the ship of our political system, but it requires a change in culture that starts with each of us. Greene and Fogg leave readers with both the inspiration and strategy necessary for each of us to begin the hard work of extracting the wedge from American politics.

Erik Fogg graduated from MIT, where he studied mechanical engineering and political science, falling in love with American politics. He earned his Masters of Science, co-authoring a number of academic papers while a student and while working with MIT, Harvard, the United Nations, and other NGOs on conflict resolution. 

He spent four years as an operations and management consultant, improving organizational effectiveness and culture for a number of clients across North America. He's been blogging and writing essays on improving American democracy since entering college, but his greatest influence for working on Wedged was his realization that those that disagreed with him had much more to teach him than those that already agree. He believes everyone can adopt this mindset and become hungry to learn from each other in political dialogue. 

Erik lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is co-Founder of Something to Consider, focused on improving American political dialogue by undermining the destructive mindsets that ail politics in the US. 

Nat Greene's political views have evolved significantly over the years through discussions with the many great people he as been fortunate enough to encounter. He has lived, worked and studied in Asia, Europe, and North America and traveled to over 50 countries and territories. 

Nat has a background in Engineering and Business management. He has studied at Oxford University, Cambridge University, and Harvard Business School. He is the CEO of Stroud International, Chairman of MidTide Media, and co-Founder of Something to Consider. Nat lives in Marblehead, Massachusetts with his wife and four children.

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Published: Erik Fogg - November 19th, 2015