Glenn Koenig, A Man Wearing a Dress

This is the true story of one man who begins to find, starting around age 50, that his gender is more complex than he had realized in the past. He looks back and reflects on his experiences growing up as a boy in the culture of the times, starting with his birth. He is quite outspoken about how his socialization impacted his life, including his experiences in his family, in school, in summer camp, in the Boy Scouts, his military service, and his roles in the working world. As he begins to understand the complexity of his sexuality, he also begins to question his gender identity through a process of deep soul searching. He challenges himself to show the world his feminine side as openly as he dares.

As he does so, he engages in numerous conversations with women and men and begins to see all genders in a new light, in contrast to the stereotypes we were all brought up with. He also reflects on how his personal exploration takes place in the context of cultural shifts going on all around him. He has some definite ideas regarding where we are headed in the future. He has a deep appreciation for the inherent love within everyone and seeks to emphasize how it's possible to build bridges between people of all genders by reflecting on our common humanity. His writing style is plain and direct and comes from a personal perspective, rather than adopting an overtly academic tone. At times, he expresses his stories and ideas in the form of poetry and even includes a few diagrams to illustrate his points.

The result is a series of essays and poems that are sometimes playful and light, and at other times serious and emotionally intense. His approach is somewhat unorthodox - even the structure of his book is unconventional, dispensing with any preface or foreword and banishing the table of contents to the back of the volume.

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Published: Message Rain - September 14th, 2017