First, Become Ashes

What a GREAT book. It makes you think about what is real, how much power belief can have, and the good that can be accomplished by regular people. The main character was raised by a cult and even when the cult gets busted up by the FBI, he can't stop thinking along the lines that he's been taught. He goes on the run, determined to fight some monster that may or may not really exist depending on if the cult leader was telling the truth or not. This book will make your stomach twist at some of the scenes (and PAY ATTENTION to the content warnings at the start of the book because this book pulls NO PUNCHES) but still manages to be sweet at other points. And as a genderqueer person, I really appreciate that for all the bad the cult did, they were really respectful of pronouns and genderqueer individuals! The cultists always ask when they meet a new person, and the main character may use he/him pronouns, but he still gets annoyed at people for assuming, which I totally get. Anyway, fantastic. K M Szpara books are never easy reads but always so, so good. -Shana

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Published: Tordotcom - April 6th, 2021


Tuesday, April 6, 2021