Holiday Catalogs from Porter Square Books

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Once again we are recommending you do your holiday shopping as early as possible. The supply chain for books is still pretty fragile and we expect to run out of many popular titles in December (maybe even November!) with no chance of getting them back in for the holidays. So, if you have specific books you know you want to buy for folks on your list, get them now. Don't worry, they'll keep. If you haven't picked anything out, I'd start looking. As the season progresses, the choices will get fewer and fewer. There is good news though! You are shopping for books and there are always amazing books for every readers, no matter how many bestsellers go out of stock. And we're here to help. If you're looking for a specific reader, check our the "I Just Need a Book For..." catalog. If you don't know too much about their reading tastes, browse through the other catalogs. If you have no idea where to start, maybe check out " We Just Love These Books," because whatever you find in there, a libromancer at Porter Square Books really wants someone to read it. We hope these catalogs help your holidays goes smoothly. Thank you for shopping with Porter Square Books


This catalog collects our favorite novels, short stories, and other works of fiction for adults.


This catalog collects our favorite works of history, memoir, poetry, and other nonfiction for adults.


This catalog collects our favorite novels, stories, and picture books for younger readers.


Got a specific reader in mind? This catalog is filled with list for readers who have specific tastes or are looking for specific types of books. This lists are for a range of ages and in a range of genres.


What can we say? We just love these books and think you will too.