IBD 2017: Celebrating Connections

Through stories, histories, ideas, and images, books connect us to people, places, and events distant from us in time and space. They also connect us to other books as references, homages, and arguments reveal the conversation that has been going on for centuries in the written word. And they help foster connections closer to home, giving us something to talk about whether as friends and family meeting for a regular book club, strangers on a first date searching for common ground, or people who just happen to bump into each other in the bookstore who share a little moment over a book one of them is holding.

On Independent Bookstore Day this year, along with all the cool bookish exclusives available we’ll be celebrating those connections and the role independent bookstores have in fostering those connections. Here’s what we’ll be doing all day:


Boston-Area Bookstore Passport

Pick up a passport from a libromancer at the front desk and visit the Boston-area bookstore family. Navigate the T, the Boston streets, the bike lanes, and the ride shares to visit us, Harvard Book Store, Brookline Booksmith, Trident, and Papercuts J.P. on IBD and all completed passports become coupons for $5 off a purchase of $25 or more at all the participating stores.


Get in Touch

Got a friend or family member you haven’t spoken with recently? Maybe someone you’d like to connect with who isn’t on social media? Maybe someone in your life you think would appreciate a handwritten note? All greeting cards will be buy-two-get-one-free all day. We’ll also have space available for you to fill them out and free stamps if you want to send your card right away. (Or at least as soon as you get an address.)


Book Soulmates

One the joys of being a big reader is seeing ideas, events, characters, and experiences explored in different ways by different books, seeing what themes stretch across time and experience, and how different brains approach the same problems. Our libromancers have put together a display of these book soulmates so you can see these thematic connections between different books.



We often think of recommendations as always flowing from libromancer to reader, but we are influenced by the conversations we have with you too. Furthermore, the selection on our shelves is also, in part, a reflection of what our community wants to read. We’ll have a display with space for you to put up your recommendations and stationery for your to write your own “staff picks.”


Matchmaking Bulletin Board

Your favorite book says something important about you and sharing a favorite book with someone else could start a conversation, a friendship, or maybe even more. Use our form and your favorite book to connect with someone new.

(Disclaimer: Porter Square Books and all of the Libromancers that work for Porter Square Books shall not be held liable should you experience a bookish version of The Pina Colada song. “If you like Daniel Deronda! And reading books on the train…”)


Local Celebrity Photo-op

One of our favorite reading ambassadors (and you can confirm said “favorite” status on our instagram) will be available for photos all day. And we’ll give you a prize if you share your picture on social media. Libromancers will have all the details.


Free Digital Audio Books

Any customer who visits a participating bookstore on IBD can download a half-dozen complimentary digital audiobooks, including The Women in the Castle by Jessica Shattuck and David Foster Wallace's A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again. Just ask one of our libromancers how.


Receipt Exchange with Our Neighbors

Bring your Porter Square Books receipt to Cambridge Naturals, Tags Hardware, Henry Bear’s Park, Mind’s Eye Yarns, & Liquor World on Independent Bookstore Day and get a discount on your purchase. And if you have a receipt from any of those stores for the day, we’ll give you 20% off your purchase.


Porter Square Books Mugs Giveaway

Anyone who spends $100 or more on IBD will receive one of our brand new PSB coffee mugs. (They’ll also be available for purchase for $10 each.)