Inventory Status

A book can have one of several inventory statuses.

In Stock-Click Title For Store Inventory: We update our inventory from both Cambridge and Boston several times a day. Clicking on the title will bring up more information including how many copies each location is supposed to have (some books are in stock in one location but not others) and what section the book lives in.

Available at Wholesaler: This status means the book is at one of the wholesalers we order from.Wholesale orders have been getting to the store in about 5 business days from the day we place the order with them.. Orders placed over the weekend will take a little longer as we cannot place orders with our distributors over the weekend. 

On Order at the Wholesaler: This status means that the warehouse we order from is out of copies at the moment, but has more on order. Depending on the book and the timing, it could become available relativley quickly, though we would need to confirm the timing with the wholesaler AFTER you place your order.

It's Complicated--Email This status means the book is neither on our shelves nor at our primary distributor. This means will have to check on the availablity of the book with other sources. Sometimes these books are still available and sometimes they are not. If a book you're interested in has this status send an email to and we'll let you know.

Coming Soon - Available for Preorder Now: The book is scheduled for release sometime in the next 120 days. We can place a preorder for you and then get in touch with you when the book is released.

On the Horizon - Available for Pre-Order Now: This book's release date is more than 120 days from now. We can place a preorder for you and then get in touch with you when the book is released.

Unavailable: The bookseller jargon for this inventory status is "Out of stock indefinitely." This means that neither the warehouse nor the publisher has any copies and no one knows for sure when or if they are going to get more.