About the Staff & Ideal Bookshelves

To edit Brillat-Savarin, "Tell me what you read, and I will tell you what you are." We have a staff of dedicated and passionate readers with a wide variety of taste and expertise. We figured the easiest way to introduce oursevles to you, is by sharing our Ideal Bookshelves. These are the books we believe define and describe us as readers. Stay tuned for more information about our booksellers.











Josh Cook, along with being a bookseller on the floor, is the marketing director and magazine buyer, and one of the co-owners. He started with Porter Square Books way back at the very beginning in 2004 as one of the first booksellers hired from the Porter Square area. As a bookseller, Josh sees himself as an advocate for the weird books, books in translation, books from small presses, and books from marginalized communities that don’t otherwise get the attention they deserve. He is also the author of An Exaggerated Murder, has one of the most literary tattoos you’ll ever see, and watches way more sports than you would probably expect.










Susannah V.











Ideal Bookshelf for Marika

Marika McCoola is the Book Fair Manager and one of the co-owners. She's been working at indie bookstores around New England for almost a decade and is also an author, illustrator, and adjunct professor specializing in illustrated books, children's literature, and graphic novels. A New York Times bestselling author, Marika's first book, Baba Yaga's Assistant, also won a New England Book Award and was nominated for an Eisner Award.


Ideal Bookshelf for CalebCaleb Bollenbacher is a former globe-trotter and current bookseller. Having grown up overseas, he'd love to help you find books that get you to your new favorite destination, whether it's in our world or somewhere much further away. His reading tastes are fairly broad - he'll read the odd cookbook or memoir, just to keep things fresh - but he will happily talk any and all things graphic novel, and as a recent graduate of Simmons' Writing for Children MFA program is eager to see reading habits develop in younger audiences. When Caleb's not selling books he's writing them.


Kate joined the Porter Square Books team in 2016. In addition to working on the floor as a bookseller, she can be spotted helping out in the back office, working with our book fairs, hosting Poets & Pints, and selling books at the occasional offsite event. She reads all over the map but particularly enjoys poetry, nature writing, and speculative fiction. She tries to prioritize works by new voices and writers from marginalized communities. She's been a professional actor and competitive ski racer, has climbed Kilimanjaro, and plays piano and Appalachian dulcimer.


Ideal Bookshelf for MatthewMatthew Reese has been a bookseller at Porter Square Books since 2016. He passionately advocates for old books and old ideas, but also enjoys books on the way new technologies and trends impact past ways of thinking. In addition to book selling, Matthew is a professional dog walker and looks forward to writing his eventual memoir of a Boston dog walker.


Stacey Morin is an ex-engineer who decided to return to an old love of reading and writing. She is also a crafter, amateur musician, animal lover, and gardener. She’s interested in knowing at least a little about everything, so my reading selection tends to be all over the place. She loves YA, sci-fi/fantasy, and poetry, and I usually have a sociology or social ethics book going at the same time. She’s currently working to train a stubborn pittie puppy (named Sherlock Bones) who - along with two feline overseers - keeps me busy.