#CyberMonday. The online equivalent of Black Friday, in which online retailers compete for your holiday spending with flashy ads and deep discounts. A celebration of getting your holiday shopping done without having to put on pants, or grinding through the list of cousins and co-workers on your lunch break. On #CyberMonday, much like Black Friday, we tend to think of the biggest stores first when we fire up the browser but many local independent stores (including yours truly) support online shopping as well. Online shopping that includes shipping, in store pick up, and gift wrapping. And, with all the sale-surfing, price checking, ship-to-arrive confirmation, it’s easy, in the glow of our screens, to forget that buying and exchanging is a celebration of being human together.

So, to give you a chance to be a human while holiday shopping online, instead of #CyberMonday, we’ll be hosting #PoemMonday. Everyone who places an order on our website on Monday, November 30th will receive an original poem in their order confirmation email written just for them by one of our intrepid libromancers.

Sure, it’s not a discount or a sale or some exciting promotion and we won’t be throwing in an extra blue-tooth speaker or giving you 0% financing for the first 90 days or raffling off a chance to meet a celebrity (although, really, some of our libromancers should be celebrities), and you probably won't get a villanelle, but poetry is one way we share humanity with each other and our shared humanity is pretty easy to forget in the rush for an Xbox One.

So, if you’d like to enjoy a moment of humanity during your point-click-cross-off-the-list-slurp-the-coffee-on-to-the-next-sale #CyberMonday, get an original (potentially wacky) poem from a PSB libromancer, support your local independent bookstore, and, best of all, buy a book for someone in your life, pop over to Porter Square Books for #PoemMonday.