Every year for the past few years, we’ve done #PoemMonday as a response to #CyberMonday. Rather than promising deep discounts and promoting flashy sales, we would thank our customers with something more human; a poem written just for them by one of our booksellers. The first year we did it, we saw a sizeable jump in online sales on a day when most people online are on the big box sites, so we kept doing it. Each year the sales would go up again and people would talk about it on social media. And, almost as important, writing the poems is a fun and creative challenge for us, one that’s quite a bit different from the usual challenges we face working retail in the holidays. But pre-covid this meant dozens of orders and dozens of poems. In 2020, we’re looking at 100+ orders. (We hope!) That’s a lot of poems. 


Screw it, we’re doing #PoemMonday again anyway. We’re still human beings. You’re still human beings. Writing poems for orders is still a fun challenge. Making a connection between a click on a link and a person preparing and completing your order is still important. So we’ve organized a group of booksellers to write poems for you and if we need to write over a hundred poems, well, great, we’ll write over a hundred poems.


The process will be a little different than in the past. Instead of getting the poem with the order confirmation email, you’ll get a more standard confirmation email and your poem later depending on how many orders we get. It might be a couple of days. It might be more than a week. Orders placed later in the day might get less...energetic poems, if you know what I mean, but you’ll get your poem.


As it gets harder and harder to make personal connections, the personal connections we can make get more and more important. There’s only so much we can do in terms of making a connection when you click “Submit” on one day and we click “Send email notification on update,” on another, but sending you a poem is one thing we can do.