Porter Square Book Fairs

Porter Square Book Fairs is staffed by experienced book fair consultants who will create a book fair to fit your needs. Our friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable staff will provide prompt service as your book fair is planned and run. We have worked with both public and private schools in the past and can tailor a book list to fit your students and parents. We specialize in any grades from Pre-K to 8, with online book fair options for Pre-K to grade 12.

Book Fairs with Porter Square Book Fairs include personalized book lists, display racks, an easy to use electronic sales system, and delivery and pick-up, while still offering prompt customized service. Schools generally receive 20% of total book fair sales. We are currently booking Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 in-person book fairs!

"We feel fortunate that Porter Square Books can provide a book fair for our students with a selection of high quality literature and a personal touch. The improvements this year with the laptops have only added to our delight in working with the Porter Team." - Teresa Gallo-Toth, Librarian, Martin Sleeper Library at the John D. Runkle School

Virtual Book Fairs: Due to COVID, Porter Square Books is now also offering online book fairs! In this model, your school schedules a 1 week fair. During this time, school members can purchase any available books on our website or in-store (if the store is open). When checking out, a coupon code is entered, which tracks the book fair sales. School members can opt for curbside pick up, or to have their purchases shipped. At the end of the fair, we will run a report to see the total sales, and give the school 10% of these sales. This can be used however the school desires! For online book fairs, you can use gift cards for your purchases, order adult as well as children's books, and are not limited to a set list of books. You can even create classroom and library wishlists where school members can purchase books for donation to the school! We've found that the most successful fairs incorperate the fair into online schooling, having students share books or make book trailers, create webpages, or do book talks in library classes.

Summer Reading: Having books in hand when the school year ends sets an intention, making students more likely to read required books. In an effort to support schools and ensure that students are ready to read over summer break, Porter Square Book Fairs is now offering Summer Reading Book Orders, in which students can order your summer reading titles online. Your school can then opt to either receive a percentage of sales, or offer students a discount on their purchases.

Pre-School Book Fairs: Running kids to school, running errands, and working leaves little time to pick up birthday presents, a bedtime read-aloud, or a book for yourself. With pre-school book fairs we send a wee collection of titles to your school: from board books and quality picture books to parenting and fiction for grown-ups. We can also run Virtual Book Fairs for a larger selection of titles.

For more information or to inquire about availability, please contact Marika McCoola, Porter Square Book Fairs

Picture of a Porter Square Books Book Fair