Porter Square Book of the Year 2015

Every January the booksellers at Porter Square Books look back on their staff picks from the past twelve months and select one to be their pick of the year. Sometimes the right book jumps right out and other times it’s an agonizing decision that we can fret over for weeks. The result is something like one of those Best of the Year lists that swarm through social media in December, but one that includes books in all genres, for all different types of readers and moods, and often, forgotten or overlooked gems from the past.

The result is also like the long list for a book award. Which gave us an idea. So…………

Announcing the first ever Porter Square Book of the Year! The award will go to one book for young readers and one book for adults. The winners will be selected by you (Yes, you!) from the staff picks of the year. Watch our Twitter feed for the #PSBookoftheYear15 for your chance to vote on the winner. There will be two rounds of voting; one to determine the finalists from the long list and one to choose the winner. The winning books will be 20% off for the rest of the year!

The voting will take place on Twitter for the first round and then on Twitter and in the store to determine the winner.

You can see the “long list” here.

The first bracket will be released on Monday, January 25.