Porter Square Books and COVID-19

New Year's Sale 2021


In order to continue serving our community during the COVID-19 crisis, we have added a number of services. This page will continue to evolve as things with COVID-19 change and develop, so check this page often as well as our main page (where we will update our browsing hours). Sign up to receive our emails for the most up to date information. Real-time changes may be made at any point by managers to ensure safety. Thank you for understanding.

In Store Services for More Vulnerable Customers: With our new shorter in store shopping hours we are no longer able to offer a block of time for in store shopping to customers who may be more vulnerable to COVID-19. Those customers can schedule a BookTime consultation or purchase a Shop with Your Pod reservation. If neither of these work for you please send an email to info@portersquarebooks.com and we'll see what we can arrange.

Curbside Pickup (available Tuesday-Sunday 11PM-6PM): Free. (Quick curbside note. You'll get an email from us, signed by one of our booksellers, when your order is ready for pickup. If you think your order should be ready, but you haven't gotten that email yet, please contact us at online@portersquarebooks.com instead of checking in at the store itself. Thank you!)

We also offer a variety of shipping and delivery options! Click here for details and pricing.

Addition Items Available for Online Ordering
Some puzzles and games will be available for online ordering and delivery to help make the days go by. We have a a small selection of gifts for children which can be found here. Please note: Puzzle and board games are not elibigle for media mail. All of our Kobo readers are also available for online purchase and delivery. We will continue to add gifts, items, and other fun stuff as things go along.

Cafe Zing
Cafe Zing is now open for take out orders 8AM-2PM Wednesday-Saturday. We are working with the plaza to create space for safe outdoor seating.

We know we're not just a place where you buy books. We're a place where you browse shelves and chat with friends and neighbors. As people stay home over the next few weeks it can be easy to feel lonely and isolated. So we are going to do as much as we can to make those other aspects of Porter Square Books available to our community. Follow us on InstagramYouTube, Facebook and Twitter for videos of us reading from our favorite books, talking about books, talking about reading, sharing polls and quizzes, storytime for many different ages, and anything else we can think of, so you can see some familiar faces no matter how long you may stay home. We'll also highlight authors whose events have been canceled and continue to have as much fun as we can. We'll also change our newsletter to incorporate a lot more bookish content. Sign up for Shelf Stable, our daily(ish) newsletter of bookish content (on hiatus until 2021).