At My Pace II: Lessons from Our Mothers

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Lessons from Our Mothers is a collection of thirty-eight essays by daughters and sons who each share one important lesson they’ve learned from their mom. With humor, candor, and insight, their stories speak to mothers’ lasting impacts. 

Ruth, whose mum detests “shoulds” and breaks conventional barriers by becoming a carpenter before World War II;
Marsha, whose mom’s rallying cry about lipstick goes far deeper than surface beauty;
Elyse, who reluctantly tastes pineapple upon her mother’s urging and finally understands her call to “grow up”;
Noah, who learns from his mom that even if life’s not fair, you can still dance the night away;
and Laurel, whose mom shows her that divorce doesn’t have to be a war of roses but can be a path towards civility.

These stories and more from so many different writers may hopefully inspire readers to reflect on the lessons from the maternal figures in their own lives.

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