Reader Reward Program

Porter Square Books offers a Reader Reward Program for our customers. Simply give your name, address, and phone number at the register and the computer will keep track of how much you spend with us. We don't share any of your information or track the titles of the books you buy. For every $150 you spend you'll receive a free coupon worth $7.50 good on any subsequent purchase. Paid online purchases also count towards the Reader Reward Program. If you place a paid online order simply indicate that you are a member of the program in the order comments and we'll add the value to your account.You'll still need to make a purchase in store to generate the coupon and the coupon will still only be valid on in-store purchases.The coupon needs to be presented to the cashier at check out. The coupon never expires and can be used on any purchase including special orders and previously discounted items.

You can sign up for the Reader Reward in the store.