Reading from Home

This past week has left me reeling. Although, I had been following the news of the coronavirus in China, Iran, Italy, and other countries, the virus still felt distant and abstract. Then, in the span of a few days, the NBA (one of the first major organizations to cancel its events) shut down, my office instituted a work-from-home policy, and local businesses closed their doors. 

I’m fortunate (I’m still employed, I don’t have children to take care of, I don’t have health issues that put me at a higher risk of death should I contract COVID-19) but this past week has been tougher than expected. It has been hard not to think about people who have lost their jobs or businesses that may never recover. It has been stunning and disorienting to see the economy and society so rapidly transformed. 

For me, the main sense of normalcy that I’ve preserved is reading before bed. Perhaps it is a form of escapism but there is something timeless and universal (and cozy!) about losing yourself in a story that I find deeply reassuring. I'm making my way through Make It Scream, Make it Burn with a literary companion.  

-Justin, Writer in Residence for Adults