Second Location Name Announcement

After one contest, several meetings, dozens of emails back and forth (including a long discussion about a particular punctuation mark), and consultation with our partners at Grub Street and other community members, we have named our new location at Grub Street, “Porter Square Books: Boston Edition.”

We received 133 suggestions from our community. Here are some of our favorites that didn’t get selected:

Chapter 91: This refers to the law that preserves the rights of the public to access the filled in tidelands of the Seaport.

Laureates: An homage to the old Boston chain, Lauriat’s

Two If By Sea and Two Books by Sea: A reference to classic Boston history as well as the number of stores we’ll have open (two) and where the second one will be (by [the] sea).

There were also a few that were very clever but were never going to be a good fit for us, like C-Porter² Books, Sea-quitor, SeaRead Books, and Bookish Beluga (as the suggestor points out, we don’t know for sure belugas can’t read.). It was also a lot of fun to read people’s explanations for their suggestions some of which had interesting information (like the number of meanings and connotations of the word “hinterland”) while others became mini-treatises on what an independent bookstore can mean for a community. (As the explanation for “Make Waves Books” said “Because good, independent bookstores provide a gathering place for discussion, and encourages people to make waves.”)

Congratulations to our winner, thank you to everyone who contributed a suggestion, and stay tuned for more updates on Porter Square Books: Boston Edition.