Shop Local Holiday Shipping

We will be offering free shipping for orders over $25, placed between November 15th and December 15th, being shipped to Somerville or Cambridge. These orders will be delivered (either by USPS or hand delivered by a courier or bookseller) between December 19-December 22nd. If your order qualifies, “Shop Local Holiday Shipping” will be one of your shipping options. Select it and away you go. You can also choose this option if you don’t live in Cambridge or Somerville, but are shopping for someone who does. As long as the books are coming to our community, the order will qualify. Use the order comments if you’d like us to wrap the book(s) or include a message. If you have any questions give us a call at 617-491-2220 or send an email to

Now for some fine print, in regular print. Though we will have no problem delivering nearly all orders in the date range, our website does list books that are no longer available to us or available only from publishers we do not generally get deliveries from. If the online inventory status says “Limited Availability” please call 617-491-2220 or send an email to to find out if we can get the book for you in time. In the comments field please leave instructions for what to do if you are not home for the delivery; "Leave on Porch" for example or any other instructions that would make delivery convenient for you.

Now for some FAQ.

What time on the 15th is the cut off? Shop Local Holiday Shipping orders can be placed up till 11:59pm on the 15th.

Why only Cambridge and Somerville? This just makes the delivery logistics a little easier to manage. If this program is successful, we’ll consider extending it to our community members living in surrounding cities. (Arlington, Medford, Belmont, etc.)


Can I have the package delivered to my job instead of my home? Yes, you can, as long as your job is Cambridge or Somerville and accepts either USPS or courier deliveries.


Is this deal only for books? Nope. Anything that can be ordered online and that is available in this time window, including gift items and Kobos, will qualify as long as the order meets the other qualifications. If you have any questions about the availability of the items please give us a call at 617-491-2220 or send an email to


 Is this deal only for books and items already in the store? Nope. As long as we can get the items into the store within the date range, they will quality for the program. If you have any questions about the availability of the items please give us a call at 617-491-2220 or send an email to


Why are you delivering in a date range? Alas we can’t afford to ship books as they come in for free. (Otherwise, we’d always ship for free.) This date range allows us to find an affordable way to get the books to you. So if you need your books sooner than that, you’ll have to use the regular shipping option.

What should I do if I want to send books to more than one address? Place a separate order for each address you’d like us to send packages to. That will ensure we keep everything straight on our end.

Any other questions call us at 617-491-2220 or send an email to