Shop with Your Pod Reservation: October 14

SKU: POD1014

Reserve Porter Square Books from 6PM-7PM on Wednesday, October 14, after the store has closed to the general public for the day, for a group of 5-10 people. 


Important Info:

The $50 reservation fee can be applied to any purchase or purchases that night.

All of the store’s policies, including requiring masks and the use of hand sanitizer on your way in, will still be in effect.

4-5 booksellers will also be in the store along with your party. If you have any questions about our safe shopping policies, feel free to email

If you show up with less than 5 people you will not be able to apply the reservation fee to purchases.

If you show up with more than 10 people, well, we’ll let you figure out which 10 come in. 

We will be in touch with specific information and to confirm your group’s attendance after you have placed your order.


Any questions, please email


Price: $50.00