Signed: Don't Call Me Sidney: Hardcover


Sidney, a rather rotund pig, loves to write rhyming poems for his friends' birthdays. On one such occasion, he realizes his own name doesn?t rhyme with anything except . . . well, kidney. This just will not do. Sidney resolves to change his name to Joe, an extremely rhyme-able name. But being "Joe" is hard to remember. His friends aren't that keen on it. And when Sidney's mom finds out, she's crushed. After all, Sidney was named after his greatgreat- great-grandfather, the inventor of the mop! What's a pig with a non-rhyming name to do?

Jane Sutton's text is full of laughs, and wonderfully complemented by Renata Gallio?s charming characters, quirky details, and rolling perspectives. Kids will love Sidney's solution and identify with his name-changing plight.

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