Signed: What's Up with This Chicken: Hardcover

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As urban-dwelling families embrace the farm-to-table food movement, more and more people are starting community and rooftop gardens and even raising farm animals, such as chickens. Children growing up in these environments get the best of both worlds--the culture and convenience of a city with the health benefits and natural simplicity of a rural upbringing.

Owning chickens is becoming popular among many. A source of farm-fresh eggs year-round, they are also a source of great amusement Sylvia loves having chickens, and she likes omelets. One day, as she is gathering all of the eggs from her chickens, she comes upon one stubborn chicken who will not give up her eggs--Broody Trudy. She won't get off her eggs at all, and she pecks Sylvia and Grandma when they try to reach under her Resourceful Sylvia discovers the reason why Trudy is being so moody, and she comes up with an "egg-cellent" solution


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