Staff Pick of the Year: The Education of Margot Sanchez

When Margot runs up some very unauthorized charges on her dad's credit card

she has to spend her summer working in his Bronx grocery store

instead of in the Hamptons with her private school friends.


At school, Margot pretends to be just like her white classmates

but at the store, she has to adopt a new persona to fit in.

Margot has good intentions, but she's still a teenager

-- plus, her family's [SPOILER] not exactly making things easy.

Neither is the cute-but-complicated activist boy

or the lessons she learns about gentrification and comparative wealth.

Margo learns some lessons by the time the summer ends, and they're not the ones her dad was hoping for

which is exactly as it should be.

Because when a girl gets educated, there's no stopping her.