#StartThatBookDay March 28You know that book in your house. The one that you bought with a ton of excitement a few years ago. The one that your friend gave you, or your mom gave you, or your favorite person in your book club lent you. That book that came into your life with such excitement and promise and then...well. You put it down and there it stayed. Maybe you weren't in the mood at the moment or you had a ton of other books going (I certainly know how that is) or you were traveling and didn't want to bring it with you for whatever reason. You promised yourself you would get back to it.
And then...
You didn't. You were never in the right mood, it was never the right time, you always had another galley to read, and the book just sat there.
Not anymore. We are officially declaring Saturday, March 28 (the last Saturday in March going forward) #StartThatBookDay . Inspired by Open That Bottle Night from the wine world, #StartThatBookDay is your chance to...uh...Start that book! No more waiting for the perfect situation (because the perfect situation is never going to come). Some of our libromancers are already trying to decide what book they'll start .
On Saturday, send us pictures of you reading that book and tweet at us with the hashtag #StartThatBookDay. We'll celebrate our own impromptu bookish holiday.