The Collected Schizophrenias

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The Collected Schizophrenias: Essays Cover Image
ISBN: 9781555978273
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Published: Graywolf Press - February 5th, 2019

Esme Wang won the Graywolf Press Nonfiction Prize, as well as the Whiting Award for Nonfiction for her book, The Collected Schizophrenias.  She writes about schizophrenia related illnesses from her own lived experience, which is a perspective not often enough given a voice.  As such, her writing has the beauty and thorough consideration of someone who’s life is personally impacted by the illness as well as someone who’s an amazing author. 



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Tacky: Love Letters to the Worst Culture We Have to Offer Cover Image
ISBN: 9780593312728
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Published: Vintage - November 2nd, 2021

This reads more like a memoir in essays than a collection of cultural criticism. By delving into certain pieces of pop culture, King reveals the way “low culture” makes an indelible mark on us. From her introduction to Hot Topic as an antidote to the popular clique, to the bond she shares with her father over Jersey Shore, these “love letters” argue that just because something isn’t “good” doesn’t mean they aren’t perfect.


A Swim in the Pond in the Rain

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A Swim in a Pond in the Rain: In Which Four Russians Give a Master Class on Writing, Reading, and Life Cover Image
ISBN: 9781984856029
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Published: Random House - January 12th, 2021

I’ve read a lot of books on ‘how to write,’ and this is the first one that genuinely resonated with me. George Saunders employs his straight-talking, big-hearted sense of humor as he guides you through the Russians. He slowly deconstructs the each story with discussions and suggested exercises that uncover the core strategies writers use to make good fiction. Keep a pencil nearby because you will take notes. Great for readers and writers alike.


Carpe Every Diem: The Best Graduation Advice from More Than 100 Commencement Speeches

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Carpe Every Diem: The Best Graduation Advice from More Than 100 Commencement Speeches : A Graduation Book Cover Image
ISBN: 9780593139752
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Published: Clarkson Potter - March 23rd, 2021


This is the perfect gift for a recent graduate. Full of great quotes from famous commencement speakers like Neil Gaiman, David Foster Wallace, Spike Lee, Gloria Steinem, John Waters, Barack Obama and Oprah, it's both inspiring and yet amusing. This charming book relays all the wisdom of those eloquent commencement speakers into sage advice for grads of all ages. 


Goodbye, Again

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Goodbye, Again: Essays, Reflections, and Illustrations Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062880857
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Published: Harper Perennial - April 20th, 2021


Jonny Sun has the amazing ability to write about anxiety in a way that makes you feel settled, and loneliness in a way that makes you feel less alone. From scrambled eggs to plants to jazz to the end of the world, these illustrated essays are deeply personal but encompass the universal. They made me laugh, cry, contemplate life, and breathe a little deeper.



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Grieving: Dispatches from a Wounded Country Cover Image
ISBN: 9781936932931
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Published: Feminist Press - October 6th, 2020


Grieving is a hard read, but the central idea is so beautiful, the heart-punches you take along the way are worth it. To be human is to be vulnerable but we can envelop that vulnerability in community so that no one is helpless. Though directly about the tragedies surrounding the drug war in Mexico, Grieving illuminates more general human experiences of trauma, national myth, and politics. And I might read the last chapter, "Keep Writing," once a month to help me keep going.


One Last Lunch

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One Last Lunch: A Final Meal with Those Who Meant So Much to Us Cover Image
By Erica Heller (Editor)
ISBN: 9781419735325
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Published: Abrams Press - May 12th, 2020


You've seen those author interviews where the question is inevitably asked, "if you were to host a dinner party and could invite anyone you wanted who would you invite and why?" In this volume, Erica Heller, daughter of author Joseph Heller, makes it lunch and brings together the responses of 50 notable personalities like Michael Douglas, Daniel Bellow, and Bob Balaban to name a few. Questions one has always wanted answered by a loved one or admired mentor are fully fleshed out over a shared meal. Lovely distracting reading for our current times.



The Witches Are Coming

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The Witches Are Coming Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316449885
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Published: Hachette Books - November 5th, 2019


Lindy West is a brilliant cultural critic and in this collection she tackles an array of subjects from Adam Sandler to #metoo to abortion rights to (of course) Trump and the right wing.  This book is broader in its ambit than Shrill, her last one, but what really makes it delicious to read is her incisive observation, brilliant wordcraft, and laugh-out-loud hilarity.  She is making deep and important points and reading will make you laugh and be furious at the same time.




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Erosion: Essays of Undoing Cover Image
ISBN: 9780374280062
Availability: Available at Wholesaler
Published: Sarah Crichton Books - October 8th, 2019


This was a year of extraordinary books, and I put a lot of thought into what my pick of the year would be. Ultimately, this is the most important book I could share with y'all. Those of us who love deserts and mountains know erosion can be a dramatic force for change, simultaneously destructive and creative. As we live through this era of significant change--personal, political, environmental--Terry Tempest Williams's writing is a spiritual balm and a passionate call to action.



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