Why The Girl Who Drank the Moon Should be Porter Square Book of the Year

The Girl Who Drank the MoonI loved Kelly Barnhill's middle grade fantasy The Witch's Boy. When I heard she had a new novel, I was dying to get my hands on it but I was also worried it wouldn't be as good as The Witch's Boy, which amazed me. I started reading the manuscript of The Girl Who Drank the Moon the day I received it and was immediately enthralled.

Kelly Barnhill is an enchantress and her magic is to weave stories that catch you, pull you in, and never let you go. She takes age-old truths and explores them in new and fascinating ways. An adopted girl with moon-magic, witches, a madwoman, a monster, a simply enormous dragon, and a young man with good intentions each have a journey. Carefully, they weave together to form a dazzling tapestry of story. The result is brilliant; timeless and new and fascinating, filled with perfect small moments and large encompassing truths...some of which are the same thing.